English people exchange their thoughts about Brexit and its influence on their lives. Did people really vote for it? What do they think about immigrants who’ve come to Britain during last years?

What do you know about Pakistani general election that was held yesterday, on July, 25? Here are 5 most curious things you should know. For instance, how many transgender candidates are running in the election? Or what happened with the previous Prime Minister of Pakistan? In short, we’d like to share some piquant details on the Pakistani election.

The music video Runaway was released on 18 January 2019.

Runaway from here
Everybody so fake
Everybody so fake, I swear
I don't wanna go back there

Stephen Colbert – and his unique sense of humor – tells us about the crisis between the US and Iran regarding the nuclear arms deal. What will Trump do? What does the White House think on the issue? Oh, and how do you think where does Trump get his “great Energy and unending Stamina”?

The video appeared today. And it already has over 700,000 views on Youtube.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Bin Salman recognized the right of Israel to its land – the territory that is in the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Saudi Prince made that sensational statement in his interview to “The Atlantic”. Does it mean that Saudi Arabia warms up to Israel?

Stephen Colbert jokes about Donald Trump and Sean Hannity having talks before bedtime. What are they talking about? Are they gossiping or discussing some serious matters? Also, what would Trump talk about with Melania, if she was there when he prepared for bed?

Jason Parker from Parker Financial will help you to sort out your finances this spring. He has 5 key steps that will assist you with “cleaning” your financial house. You could improve your family budget planning as easy as you make your annual spring cleaning or your declutter.

Trump's Placemat, Pokémon Go - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Meanings: Can this video reach 1 million views on YouTube? Not sure, Seth Meyers is too smart for worldwide viral video spreading.

Let's get to the news.

According to "The Washington Post," special counsel Robert Mueller informed President Trump's attorneys last month that he is continuing to investigate Trump, but does not consider him a criminal target at this point.

Of course, that could change if Trump slips up and makes more mistakes.

Did Ms. Clifford really head intimate relationship with American president Mr. Donald Trump? Her interview was one of the most anticipated in US. It made the day for the show “60 Minutes” and brought thousands or even millions of people to their TVs.

Have you watched the Saturday Night Live in which Stormy Daniels trolls Donald Trump? It’s hilarious and even a bit cruel. The rumors around this scandal continue to emerge – it’s like a giant snowball. But okay, we know what ordinary people and yellow press think about all this – then, what do the reputable attorneys and journalists say?

Meaning: Why journalist from Bloomberg is wrong about Youtube startupers?

"Success on YouTube still means a life of poverty." - I'm reading to you from Bloomberg.
This is the lead of the article, this is the first sentence in the article. "Do your children dream of YouTube stardom? Do them a favor crush this ambition now."
Fuck you! Beep beep.
Article presents all kinds of objective data like 96.5% of all of those trying to
become youtubers won't make enough money off of advertising to crack the US poverty line.

If you’d like to learn more about the life of the royal family, this video is for you. Every little aspect of the royal life is discussed. If Kate Middleton will one day become the Queen of England, or the Princess, or the King Consort, she will receive a ton of responsibilities, obligations, and engagements. So, maybe it’s not that cool to be a queen?

This video already has over 170,000 views.

American-Russian relationship is living through the next crisis. The US blame Russia for interfering in the 2016 president elections. At the same time, Donald Trump is known to have financial and other connections with Vladimir Putin. What do we know about it and what can we do about it? Ezra Klein, Editor-at-large in Vox, is sharing his opinion and knowledge on this topic.

This video is really interesting and useful for everybody to watch. And it already has over 490,000 views, being on YouTube for only several hours.

Sensation: President Trump asked his top foreign policy advisers about the possibility of invading Venezuela. Can there really be a war between US and Venezuela? Or at least an armed confrontation? Of course, Trump’s advisers gainsaid. They advised the President not to make any military move against Venezuela. But it seems, Trump was seriously considering the invasion to Venezuela.

This video already has over 226,000 views. It was published less than 24 hour ago.

Interesting and even daring in some places interview with Stephan Selig, American investment banker and former Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade (Obama administration). He will talk about Chinese economy, its influence of US economy and trade, and about possible trade war between US and China.

Trump has officially pilled out of the Iran nuclear deal. Is it a good decision or bad? How will it influence the US and the world’s safety in general? Was Barack Obama even right to sign the agreement to lift sanctions on Iran? Let’s find the answers to those questions with Trevor Noah, South African comedian, political commentator, writer, actor, producer, and TV host.

It’s not a secret that US President Donald Trump promised to build a Border Wall between the United States and Mexico to reduce the wave of immigration. But the Wall isn’t built yet. And today, Trump threatened to shut down the government if Democrats do not vote for Border Security and Border Wall. So, it seems, the Wall will appear soon.

This video got over 245,000 views during less than 24 hours.

- Let's get to the news.
French President Emmanuel Macron travelled to the White House today for president Trump's first ever state visit. Unfortunately, Trump thinks a state visit is when someone visits you and you show them all the states you won. "Ohio, no one - no one expected Ohio."
President Trump welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron to the White House at 5:15 this evening, and they are still shaking hands. That's not a gif. That's just. That's how long that took.

Brexit is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, which happened in June 2016. Great Britain had held a referendum on this question to ask people what they think about getting out of the EU. And 51,9% of the participants voted for leaving the European Union.

- By building the Panama Canal, Teddy Roosevelt connected the two greatest oceans on the globe, and set the stage for a century of progress and commerce.
- Sorry, but it's not that simple at all.
The true story of the Panama Canal is totally insane and rarely told.
In 1902, Teddy Roosevelt wanted to build the canal to show off America's power and strengths.