Just because Steve Bannon was let go as White House chief strategist doesn't mean he can't keep giving the President terrible ideas.

Passing anything will get the news off the growing russia
Remember former trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort?
Remember that guy?
Well, we just found out that Manafort currently has three
U.S. Passports, and he used a phone and email account
Registered under a fake name.

We're lucky, that microsoft isn't a grocery store... Video reached 15 million views on YouTube in the first 30 days.

Ellen tested Microsoft mogul Bill Gates' knowledge of everyday grocery store prices with a game of "Bill's Grocery Bills."

We're going to test Bill Gates knowledge of some everyday items that you get at the supermarket.
When's the last time that you have been at a supermarket?
A long time ago.
This will be interesting.
If you can guess three out of the five products within $1 of each one, the audience will get something, OK?
If you get all of them, we'll pay off your children's student loans.

No danger there.