Melania Trump, the first lady of the United States, haven’t been seen in public for 25 days already. For the American society, it is weird because they’re used to their first ladies appearing here and there rather often. They are always doing something – participating in campaigns, speaking in public, meeting with somebody, doing charity, and so on. What’s with Melania? Is she OK?

A former KGB spy reveals how he faked being American. A story reached 1 million views on YouTube in the first 30 days.

I'm Jack Barsky.
I'm a retired and reformed ex-undercover KGB agent.
I'm gonna talk a little bit about what it took to morph from a German to an American, where I was successful and where I was not.
I spent all together about four years studying English, perfecting to the extent possible an American accent.
Practicing until I was blue in the face to pronounce English words properly.

Dustin, a successful businessman who owns a small company Home Mender, will tell us how to start a profitable home repair business. He will share the drawbacks and tips of such a business. Don’t be afraid to build your own small business and make money doing what you like.