Wiley spent decades trying to convince Congress to pass food-safety bills. This rotten egg has been deodorized with chemicals! These pickles are bright green because they're full of poisonous copper sulfate! This milk came from a cow with tuberculosis! This entire lunch is lethal!
But his appeals fell on deaf ears. listen here, you rabble-rouser, regulating food is a threat to American capitalism! How dare you infringe on the public's right to eat candy-dyed red by lead? You misunderstand me, sir. I am a devoted capitalist! I believe that if consumers aren't worried that their food might kill them, they'll buy much more of it!

- We don't always have enough time to cover all of the recent news, so here with a recap is one of our writers, Amber Ruffin, in a segment we call "Amber Says What."
You guys, things have been crazy.
Okay, first of all.
Prince William and Kate had a baby boy. And everyone was like, "Whaat?"
Then Kendrick Lamar became the first rapper ever to win a Pulitzer Prize for music. And I was like, "Whaat?!"