Wiley spent decades trying to convince Congress to pass food-safety bills. This rotten egg has been deodorized with chemicals! These pickles are bright green because they're full of poisonous copper sulfate! This milk came from a cow with tuberculosis! This entire lunch is lethal!
But his appeals fell on deaf ears. listen here, you rabble-rouser, regulating food is a threat to American capitalism! How dare you infringe on the public's right to eat candy-dyed red by lead? You misunderstand me, sir. I am a devoted capitalist! I believe that if consumers aren't worried that their food might kill them, they'll buy much more of it!

- We don't always have enough time to cover all of the recent news, so here with a recap is one of our writers, Amber Ruffin, in a segment we call "Amber Says What."
You guys, things have been crazy.
Okay, first of all.
Prince William and Kate had a baby boy. And everyone was like, "Whaat?"
Then Kendrick Lamar became the first rapper ever to win a Pulitzer Prize for music. And I was like, "Whaat?!"

Just because Steve Bannon was let go as White House chief strategist doesn't mean he can't keep giving the President terrible ideas.

Passing anything will get the news off the growing russia
Remember former trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort?
Remember that guy?
Well, we just found out that Manafort currently has three
U.S. Passports, and he used a phone and email account
Registered under a fake name.

We're lucky, that microsoft isn't a grocery store... Video reached 15 million views on YouTube in the first 30 days.

Ellen tested Microsoft mogul Bill Gates' knowledge of everyday grocery store prices with a game of "Bill's Grocery Bills."

We're going to test Bill Gates knowledge of some everyday items that you get at the supermarket.
When's the last time that you have been at a supermarket?
A long time ago.
This will be interesting.
If you can guess three out of the five products within $1 of each one, the audience will get something, OK?
If you get all of them, we'll pay off your children's student loans.

No danger there.

Chris Cuomo, US journalist who works for CNN, widely announced his opinion about Trump’s tweet, in which the president said that Vladimir Putin is not the enemy for America, the free press is. Cuomo called such Trump’s statement ugly and unoriginal. And also, the journalist said that such statements mean that the president “hates what makes America truly great”.

This video already has 164,000 views. And it was published just yesterday.

American President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May always hold hands when they meet. Every time they’re seen together on a meeting, we see them walking hand in hand. Some people even think that there is something going on between these two. What do they have to say about their relationship? Let’s find out.

This video is really useful, like, for everyone. If you’re looking for a job or even if you already have one but it’s not the job of your dream, this video is for you. It will help you to work with the recruiter correctly, to make up your resume just right, to pass a job interview fine, and to get the position you want. Very short about the most important things for a person who’s applying for job.

Over 170,000 views already. And it is on YouTube for less than a day.

In America, people often buy a new house several times during their life. When their family’s extending, they just sell their old, smaller, house and buy a new one that will suit them better. But not everyone knows how to make the great removing easier, how to make a renovation at a minimum cost, and how to save anough money even after all these expenses.

This video reached 4 million views on YouTube in the first 30 days. Awesome Creator!

If you're still not sure what to do about guns, let me explain it to you, using this AWFUL cat.

(HISS) Now before we start, we can all agree, that banning cats... won't get rid of all cats. And the majority of people that do own cats are good people. Not every cat... is an awful cat. And I happen to love a cute, cuddly cat.
Awww, look at you! SO CUTE! Such a cute little kitty.

Melania Trump, the first lady of the United States, haven’t been seen in public for 25 days already. For the American society, it is weird because they’re used to their first ladies appearing here and there rather often. They are always doing something – participating in campaigns, speaking in public, meeting with somebody, doing charity, and so on. What’s with Melania? Is she OK?

A former KGB spy reveals how he faked being American. A story reached 1 million views on YouTube in the first 30 days.

I'm Jack Barsky.
I'm a retired and reformed ex-undercover KGB agent.
I'm gonna talk a little bit about what it took to morph from a German to an American, where I was successful and where I was not.
I spent all together about four years studying English, perfecting to the extent possible an American accent.
Practicing until I was blue in the face to pronounce English words properly.

Dustin, a successful businessman who owns a small company Home Mender, will tell us how to start a profitable home repair business. He will share the drawbacks and tips of such a business. Don’t be afraid to build your own small business and make money doing what you like.

- My name is Moses Storm.
As a major social media influencer, it's my responsibility to help make the world a better place.
What good is it to have the eyes of the world on you, if all of those eyes are attached to dead bodies?
Global warming is a severe and complicated issue with a very simple solution, the polar icecaps were jacked as an air conditioner for the planet, moderating its sea levels, are melting at an alarming rate,
simply put, the polar icecaps just need more ice, so I am gonna fix global warming by bringing.

They are giving away a $100 gift card every 15 minutes.
Joe: Here we go, Sal.
Murr: First text sent.
He just got it.
Here you go. He's writing back.

Controversy has been raging across our country as people tear down objectionable monuments and change the names of institutions that connote evil.
I'm Ami Horowitz and I'm here on the campus of George Washington University named after our first president and also a slave owner.
I wonder if students here think we should keep the name or change it?
Do you think it's time for us to consider changing the name of the University?

Did you know that a new vehicle can lose almost half its value in the first few years? Seriously?! That brand-new car you're thinking of buying starts losing value the moment you drive it off the lot and loses the most value in the first few years. That’s why many Americans consider buying a used car instead of a new one. And there is logic to it.

New startler in US politics: John Kelly, Chief of Staff in the White House, called Donald Trump “an idiot”. In this video, David Duchovny will talk about that “shocking” occasion and some other things. Be prepared for lots of humor.

By the way, over half a million views during only 10 hours.

Melania Trump learned how to release statements about Donald Trump that have nothing to do with him. The art of being the First Lady. Trevor Noah, American comedian and political commentator, makes fun of Melania, Donald, and LeBron. What does LeBron have to do with it? Truly, we have no idea!

But this video got over 526,00 views during less than 24 hours.

Meanings: Was Nasim Aghdam mentally ill? Or Youtube must change their monetization rules?

The YouTube shooter, Nasim Aghdam, was widely known on Iranian social media as Nasim Sabz, which means “Green Nasim,” because of her advocacy for animal rights, healthy living and veganism.
Her specific style of videos made her relatively famous among Iran’s growing YouTube and Instagram influencers.
For instance, one showing a rabbit where she explains the differences between vegetarianism and being vegan.
In another video, she explains the benefits of eating a papaya.
One of her most well-known videos here is one where she’s wearing a revealing purple dress.
Don’t believe what you see, is a message appearing in the video screen.

NATO joined in several other nations in expelling Russian diplomats in response to the assassination that took place in Britain. Russian representatives continue to deny their involvement and blame the U.S.