Melania Trump learned how to release statements about Donald Trump that have nothing to do with him. The art of being the First Lady. Trevor Noah, American comedian and political commentator, makes fun of Melania, Donald, and LeBron. What does LeBron have to do with it? Truly, we have no idea!

But this video got over 526,00 views during less than 24 hours.

Melania's just over it. And now, I think, she's starting to consistently realize that she can just, you know, slam Trump in a very classy way. She doesn't need to say anything to him, about him – she just says it about whatever he's speaking about, and then she just keeps it moving.

And I like the clarification there was, cause she released the statements, and then people were like, is Melania going against the president? And then, released another statement that says, no, this has nothing to do with the president. This has everything to do with LeBron and how good his school is.

I was like, really? That's all you're gonna say? Because that's a woman scorned in a relationship. You know what I mean? If you've ever grown up in a house where two adults are fighting? That's pretty much what it is. Like you'll be at dinner – I remember my aunt would do that to her husband – it's like everyone would be eating something, and then someone was dishing up some food, and then my uncle was like, no, no, no don't put the gravy on top, put it on the side, and then my aunt was like, yeah, he likes things on the side.

That's all Melania is doing now. This is gently throwing the shade. I feel like this is all going to culminate, like it's the way LeBron and Trump are beefing. If we lived in the movies, it would culminate in, like, Trump will challenge LeBron to a basketball match. It would just be like, okay LeBron, me and you one-on-one. If I win, you quit basketball, if you win, I quit the presidency. And all of us are, like, that's so dumb, that's crazy, LeBron vs Trump!

And then, like, Trump does have some sinister plan. The Secret Service goes in and steals LeBron’s mojo or something, they, like, steal his basketball shoes. And now he can't play, LeBron says, I can't play without my shoes.

And everybody is like, come on LeBron, you can do it! And then, it’s finally a halftime and LeBron is losing, and he's in the locker room by himself. And then, like, Melania walks in and she's like, LeBron! And he’s like, Melania! And she's like, What you need to understand is that it was never the shoes, LeBron. It was always you. You can do it.

And then, he comes out and he dunks on Trump.

Yeah, that's a movie I'm pitching. We’ll call it “Race Jam”.

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