- My name is Moses Storm.
As a major social media influencer, it's my responsibility to help make the world a better place.
What good is it to have the eyes of the world on you, if all of those eyes are attached to dead bodies?
Global warming is a severe and complicated issue with a very simple solution, the polar icecaps were jacked as an air conditioner for the planet, moderating its sea levels, are melting at an alarming rate,
simply put, the polar icecaps just need more ice, so I am gonna fix global warming by bringing.

They are giving away a $100 gift card every 15 minutes.
Joe: Here we go, Sal.
Murr: First text sent.
He just got it.
Here you go. He's writing back.

Controversy has been raging across our country as people tear down objectionable monuments and change the names of institutions that connote evil.
I'm Ami Horowitz and I'm here on the campus of George Washington University named after our first president and also a slave owner.
I wonder if students here think we should keep the name or change it?
Do you think it's time for us to consider changing the name of the University?

Did you know that a new vehicle can lose almost half its value in the first few years? Seriously?! That brand-new car you're thinking of buying starts losing value the moment you drive it off the lot and loses the most value in the first few years. That’s why many Americans consider buying a used car instead of a new one. And there is logic to it.