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Joe: Here we go, Sal.
Murr: First text sent.
He just got it.
Here you go. He's writing back.

Q: Okay.
What was that?
"Okay" emoji. Okay.
Okay, got it?
You ready, dudes?
Yeah, here we go.
Here we go.
That's the whole text?
Oh, come on.
"I imagine you have all your teeth?"
He's laughing!
Joe: "Yeah, all of them."
Q: He goes, "Yeah, all of them."
All right, sent.
Joe: He got it, he got it, he got it!
Q: Here we go. Here we go. He's looking.
Sal: "Teef" with an "F"?
Q: He's looking.
Joe: Don't look. Don't look.
Joe's writing.
Joe's writing.
"Look at me right now, please, and don't stop looking no matter what."
He's reading the text.
Murr: He's still looking.
Sal, one more time. One more time.
He will not stop looking.
Tell him to stop looking, man.
All right, I'm sending one to him.
Murr: Look at this. Look at this.
We're like pen pals now.
Huh, Sal's, like, making a new friend?
Well, we're making a new friend.

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