Meaning: Why journalist from Bloomberg is wrong about Youtube startupers?

"Success on YouTube still means a life of poverty." - I'm reading to you from Bloomberg.
This is the lead of the article, this is the first sentence in the article. "Do your children dream of YouTube stardom? Do them a favor crush this ambition now."
Fuck you! Beep beep.
Article presents all kinds of objective data like 96.5% of all of those trying to
become youtubers won't make enough money off of advertising to crack the US poverty line.

Most of the story is about objective data that quantifies just how challenging it is to succeed on this
This whole article starts from the premise that the only reason why you'd want to be on YouTube the only
reason why you want to be a youtuber is because of the financial upside and I think that's absolutely ridiculous

I think to make a statement like this, to write an article like this
is insulting to this entire platform.
I'm not naive to the fact that a lot of people see YouTube as a cash register.
I also know that there are a lot of creators I think the majority of the creators that I've come in contact with
who are first motivated by their own desire to make things in and to share their own ideas.

And I think it is that fact that motivates a lot of new creators to come to this platform and
people who otherwise wouldn't be filmmakers.
Or content creators, or video, or TV people they're encouraged by what they see here on YouTube to create.
They're not just motivated by A Check, which is what this article kind of insinuates.

First of all I hate what they said to small creators. I hate this idea
that artice says to you if you have a small channel, a tiny channel that your content
doesn't have value.
And it may be challenging for you.

It doesn't mean your work isn't of value and I know and I like to think that
YouTube knows that: the next big generation of creators in this platform are people who right now have less than
a thousand subs that's where it starts.

Anything that you really want in life is always really hard to get and YouTube is no different so the hurdles a
little bit higher now but the opportunity is still there and I end this by by bringing up my friend Peter

Peter's a huge youtuber now he has a million seven subscribers, his
contents fantastic.
Peter's channels like 13 or 14 months old a year ago.  I didn't know him a year ago, he had a little over a year ago.
He had zero subscribers, he earned zero Adsense, he had zero brand deals, he had no channel at all.
But he started it, he brought something new to the channel, he worked really hard, he did some interesting things to bring press
and attention to what he was doing on the platform.

And now he is by all definitions a successful youtuber.
So yes it's harder and it's only gonna get harder. The opportunity is still there.
It's definitely harder to succeed on YouTube today than it was yesterday.
It was harder yesterday than it was 12 days ago or nine days ago.
Before they started this new policy. But it's easier today than it will be tomorrow.
And it's definitely easier today in 2018 then it will be next year in 2019 and so on and so on and so on.

So if you have a dream, let me rewrite this article for this guy. If your children dream of YouTube stardom do them a favor support that ambition. Now if your dream is to be a youtuber do it.
Do not let this discourage you charge ahead because the world of creativity
needs you.

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