SmackDown’s got a new general manager. And she’s brilliant. She’s already organized some extraordinary matches that the public is crazy about. And her first decision was to bring Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles face to face on the ring.

And hey, this video’s already got 2,5 million views.

The music video Sick Thoughts was released on 1June 2019

Sick thoughts

We might just be unkind
But that's just how we're designed
You got me so fucked up
Think about you most of the time
Then I think about losing my mind

The music video Sing It With Me was released on 30 May 2019

I keep seeing you lately
Singing your favorite songs out loud
And it's making me go crazy
Wish that I could take you out
Oh, I can't afford it
But I can write a song and record it
Give it to you and wait and hope that

The music video for kids Song about lonely holiday Masha and the Bear was released on 11 January 2019.

It’s not very jolly merry
To spend Christmas all alone
You would be sad and would feel bad
And the cause for this is known

"Stay" is the song of Moldova from Eurovision 2019.
The music video was premiered on March 11, 2019 on Youtube.

Hold on
Even with the wind we’ll make it
Be strong
Keep the fire burning inside
Go on as I breathe in you
Look into my eyes
Fly me high
Right up in the sky

We're starting with the meatloaf, Okay.
We start with three pounds of ground turkey.
And this is sauteed bell peppers, red onions, garlic, and thyme, basil, and oregano.
Yum. And then, we saute it first to open up all the flavor in there, and then we get it in the raw meat...
Sweat it out. Sweat it out.