- All right, ladies and gentlemen!
- When we conceived of Cobra Kai, we knew we wanted it to feel like a continuation of the original Karate Kid.
Daniel LaRusso's gonna fight!
- The opening scene of our series is the 1984 tournament, the finals between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence.
How can we show that scene and show something else from it?
Well, it was turning the camera on Johnny Lawrence.

This is the review of a new Ford Focus 2018. It will appear on European market in the next months. This car is among the most popular cars in Britain and throughout the Europe. So, a lot of people are already looking forward to trying it. At least, if to judge by this video – it got over 71,000 views during less than 24 hours.

Welcome back, Mr. Zuckerberg. How was your fact-finding trip?
I have seen how the hu-mans live and share!
Look, I brought one with me to test the newest features.
Here's your day pass.
The media devoured itself with endless pivots chasing our masterful algorithms.