If you’re thinking about improving your backyard or adding something outstanding there for your family and guests, we have a few ideas for you. Turn your yard into a unique and functional place. These little and big improvements will help you with that. So, new 8 products for the ultimate backyard.

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1. HopfenHöhle

It’s an underground beer cooler. The cooler can be installed on any lawn or terrace. It keeps the drinks cool at 50°F.

2. Kodama Zomes

This backyard swing is basically a couch. The lounge chair seats 3 people.

3. FarmBot Genesis

This robot can grow all the food you need. It takes the work out of gardening.

4. Pool & Spa Enclosures Pool Covers

This cover turns your outdoor pool into an indoor pool. It also traps heat and turns your pool into a sunroom.

5. Garden Tower 2

This invention lets you grow 50 plants in a small space. It’s also a composting system.

6. The JAG Eight

This grill lets 8 people cook at once. It’s a grill, firepit, and table.

7. Modpools

These pools are made from recycled shipping containers. They’re simple to install. And you can control the water temperature.

8. PuttTek

This company installs mini-golf courses in your backyard. This course can be customized to your space.


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