The music video Off Air was released on 21 March 2019.

Jump to the back of the case
Strict when I walk straight through no chase
Water flow down from the top to my lace
Take a bitch straight down to the god damn place
Bitch say I'll leave, hey bitch don't call
Fuck what you say shit never gonna fall
Check quick that I show with the wall to the start
Never going back to the place in the fall
Crip walk fast no snakes in the grass
Swift when I flow no shit from the past
Talking about the tree's and the go is yes, please
Young wild nigga see me in the middle of the seas
Tiptoe to the top of the block
Zoom by fast mach one drop top

When I swing to the back where a nigga going stalk
Bitch tell me what you want bitch tell me don't stop
Tied up no slack shown
Sipping from the rose gold
Tell me that I straight make cash like Hov
Been tagged soon wanna take my mom from the snow
Still, say I got shit to know
Educate dumb nigga slick from the low
Stroll right through no shit in the view
Walk past muthafuckas never had no clue
3:46 in the six fucked up when the phone rang
North boys throwing up cash in the bank
Sipping on juice never had no ring
Breaking down go is no frown
Never feel no guilt bitch I run this town
Run away quick when I hear that sound
Never go back when I claim that crown
Get right down
Thinking bout a dark bitch in a white gown
Never wanna get rich till I make 'round
Fast when the beast switched then I make a pound
Saying that you top shit nigga back down
One shot, two shots then I just pow
Taking up thoughts that I made like wow
Change up fast bitch listen to the sound
Jiggy when I walk to the rock
Claimin that you rap but you on Kidz Bop
Never say shit all these niggas going top
Never made shit all these niggas going flop
Walk downtown push your bitch to the side
Fake ass ho bitch shorty wanna ride
Momma said watch what these niggas going hide
Sit back down then I wait for the tide


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