The music video Next To Me was released on 2 October 2018

Verse 1
What's the point in being good to an a-hole
What's the point in feeling shook when you lay low
What's the point in getting with someone you don't know
Tell me baby

The music video Nazareth was released on 24 September 2018

Up to my ritual destruction
I open up my head and I let the demons in
And turn nothing into something

The music video Nazareth was released on 3 October 2018

Up to my ritual destruction
I open up my head and I let the demons in
And turn nothing into something

The music video Not Alone was released on 29 September 2018

I like it when you like it
Is it too obvious to say?
We'll argue another day

The music video Never Let You Down was released on 24 October 2018

When your heart is weak and vulnerable
Oh I'll be there
When you're all alone, don't know where to go
Oh I'll be there
When you're in doubt, I'll bring a smile
'Cause you should know the sun will rise
Oh I'll be there

The music video New Beginning was released on 22 September 2018

I've tried to make up from this ****
Walls are haunted I’m lowkey
This vision tires me every night

The music video Nada was released on 3 November 2018.

Voy caminando sobre un mar de hojas secas
Vuelan los ángeles sobre Berlín
Van entonando junto a mí un aleluya
Mientras la lluvia cae dentro de mí

The music video Nails Done Bills Paid was released on 14 March 2019.

Baby I got bands on me, ain't no chump change
I could get your nails done and keep your bills paid
Tell me that it's love, that it's the real thing
I know sometimes I be wyling, but I still dream

The music video Naked Soul was released on 5 April 2019.

The mask comes off at night
The beauty of your face
Shining in the light
It takes my breath away
Wish they could see you now
Without your precious crown
It only weighs you down

The music video Name In The Sand was released on 31 January 2019.

Loove, need your love
Need your loove

Need your love, it's my drug
When I'm down, lift me up
That's enoough
That's enoough
When it rains, grab my hand
Spell your name in the sand
It's no ruush
It's no ruush

The music video Neck was released on 31 March 2019.

Ooooh the way you do
The way you move
The way you rock that body right
Ooooh the way you breathe
The way you shake
The way you freak that body right
Ohhh the way you know
The way you grow
The way you sit that right down
Oh no

The music video Needing Something was released on 29 May 2019.

The freedom bell ring when they set a nigga free
I'm flying like an eagle when they let me off the leash
Gotta prove everybody wrong looking down on me
When I'm flying like an eagle
In the streets where I call home, this is where I wanna be
Do I gotta go to jail so I can find a lil' peace?
Could you be the one I call on, will you answer when you sleep?
Could you be the one I call on?

The music video Neon was released on 13 January 2019.

Great music Neon for the car, just perfect!

The music video Nervous was released on 24 February 2019.

I think about you and I know that you're the one I want
But when we're talking my body is saying I should run
Replays of every embarrassing thing I've ever done, oh, oh

The music video Never Be was released on 2 February 2019.

Pullin' me in, deeper than sin, to all your poison
Tune out the noise and make me your lie
Turning an eye, swear that I'm blind, shattered, I'm broken
Know that I'm chokin', throw me a line

The music video Never Change was released on 1 February 2019.

You know you break me when you don't know what to say
You know my face, you know my name
Now it's too late to bring us back from strangers
Too much would have to change for that
We're dangerous

The music video Never Go Back was released on 20 March 2019.

It's not my baby
Not the girl I knew then
Not the girl I know now

I want to leave you
Baby don't you leave me,
baby don't you love me?
Mi amor

The music video Never Have I Felt This was released on 24 December 2018.

Find me
In the corner of the room
Not ready to resume
'Cause I can’t take it
Don't wanna be alone
But I'm not in the zone
(Never have I felt this)

The music video Never Let You Go was released on 18 January 2019.

Calling on me to lift you up
Whenever you're feelin' down
Some kind of free
Nobody understands
What you’re goin' through

The music video Never was released on 19 March 2019.

No drugs, no alcohol
Has got me feelin so numb
Then you
Not even getting fucked up and trippin
Has got me feelin so numb
Then you
You got me feeling like nympho
Lack of control
Like every cell in my body
You got me feelin so numb