Fifteen at home exercises to lose weight in ten minutes. When it comes to fitness. Most of us are after three simple things. Lose fat, tone up and fast results right. Well, with the help of calisthenics you can achieve just that you see calisthenics are exercises that help you get a fitter body better flexibility and more graceful movements with minimal equipment required. Basically these are bodyweight exercises and we've got of them that you can do from the comfort of your own home. You're ready to get started.

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All right. Today's exercises will train all the main groups of muscles in your body. We've broken them up by target group and level of difficulty. It's a good idea to start with the easiest exercises and gradually move on up to the harder ones as a word. Of caution make sure you're healthy enough to take on a new workout routine.
By consulting with your doctor. If you think you're good on that note then first things first.

Before any physical activity, you need a quick warm-up. One of the easiest yet most effective ones is running in place while lifting your knees up towards your chest. Let's do this for the next thirty seconds. The importance of a proper warm-up is not to be underestimated. At helps loosen up your muscles and improves blood flow in your body. Which will decrease the risk of strained muscles and other injuries. Warming up also prepares you mentally for the workout. Get those knees up. Great. Now you're ready for the main course.

#1 ABS
Difficulty level: 1
Crunch twists
- Lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.
- Now, place your left ankle on your right knee.
- Pull up into a crunch while twisting your body so that your right elbow touches your left knee.
- Hold this position for three seconds, then lie back down.
- Repeat this movement for the opposite side.
- Keep your eyes on the screen as we count 20 of these left side-right side crunches!
Ready? Go!
This exercise is great for both your oblique and abdominal muscles. For today's training, we're just gonna do one set. But later, you should choose the number of sets depending on your fitness level. Most trainers recommend doing from 3 to 5 sets. And done! Let's check out our next easy ab exercise!

Difficulty level: 2
Legs-up Crunches
- Lie on your back with your legs up in the air and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle.
- Cross your legs at the ankles and your arms at the wrists over your chest.
- Lift your shoulders off the floor, stay in this position for 3 seconds, and then lie back down.
- Let's do 15 of these leg-up crunches, starting now!
This exercise is effective for strengthening your upper and lower abs as well as your hip muscles.
Once we finish up this set, we'll move on to the next level of difficulty.
If you're a fitness newbie, you can watch, but, again, don't attempt anything you're not physically ready for, Alright, let's see what it's all about!

Difficulty level: 3
Reverse Crunches
- Lie on your back and rest your arms palms-down alongside your body.
- Extend your legs up in the air with your knees slightly bent.
- Lift your hips off the floor by pushing your legs up and hold that position for 3 seconds.
- Let's do 15 reps.
This exercise targets the lower part of your deep abs. You'll probably feel it working your triceps too! Just be careful if you have back problems or skip this one entirely. Now, onto.

Difficulty level: 4
Forearm Plank.
- Lie belly-down on the floor but hold your body up on your forearms and toes.
- Keep your back straight and your shoulders in line with your elbows.
- Hold this position for 20 seconds.
Believe it or not, planking is a full-body workout! A strong core, better posture, and increased metabolism are all benefits of doing it regularly. You cam plank on your forearms or on your palms if that's easier for you. The recommended time to hold this position is one minute, but don't worry, you'll get there eventually!
Now that our seconds are up let's keep it rolling.

# 2 Buttocks

Difficulty level: 1
Single-leg Squats
- Place a chair behind you and put your right foot on the seat.
- Bend your left knee and lower your body down.
- Stay in this position for 3 seconds then go back up.
- Let's do 15 squats on each leg.
This exercise trains your quads, glutes, and hamstrings all at once. It puts some strain on your abs as well!
Very nice, now switch legs! Be careful not to lose your balance!
Take it easy and slowly! And done!

Difficulty level: 2
Regular Squats
- The form you're looking for is basically like you're about to sit down in a chair.
- The exercise part of it comes in the fact that there is no chair!
- As you bend down into a squat, keep your back straight.
- Your knees should be directly over your ankles.
- You're ready to bust out 20 of these? Then let's go!
Squats are the go-to exercise for toning your rear end and getting rid of cellulite on your bum and the back of your thighs! They're also really efficient at burning fat, and, surprisingly, this fat-burning process doesn't even stop after you finish your squats! If they started getting too easy for you over time, you can squat lower for increased difficulty or hold some dumbbells in your hands as you do them!

Crouch down like a sprinter about to take off.
- Your right leg should be bent at the knee and positioned near your chest and your left leg, also bent at a 90 degree angle at the knee, should be behind you.
- Jump up from the starting position, stretching your left leg back.
- Return to the initial position.
- Let's do 15 on each leg, starting with the right one.
This exercise not only strengthens your glutes, quads, and hamstrings, it also improves your balance and burns up quite a lot of calories. Okay, switch up to the left leg now. Don't let that right knee drop to the floor; keep it up!... And very nice!

Difficulty level: 3
Squats Into Jumps
- Do a low squat and then jump and reach your hands towards the ceiling. Return to the squat position.
- Get ready to do 15 of these!
What's cool about adding a jump to a low squat is that it really amps up the cardio factor in this exercise. Not to mention, you've got the leg and butt-toning benefits of squats plus the calf-sculpting factor of jumping. Now that we've tackled that, let's take a break from the lower body.

#3 Arms
Difficulty level: 1
Floor Pull-ups
For this exercise you'll need a strong horizontal bar. You can find something suitable at home or buy one for the next time you do this workout.
- Position it horizontally so that you can lie under it.
- Placing it on to chair should do just fine.
- Hold the bar with your hands and pull yourself upward.
- Your feet should stay on the floor as you lift your upper body.
- We're just gonna do 5 today. Ready? Go!
This exercise tones and strengthens not only your arms but your chest and abs as well!
By the way, the higher you set the bar, the harder it'll be to do the exercise!

Difficulty level: 2
Side Plank
- Position yourself on your right side with your feet together and your forearm below your shoulder.
- Raise your hips up by contracting your obliques.
- Your body should form a straight line from head to toe.
- Let's hold it for 15 seconds on each side!
Side planks are great for your arm muscles, abs, and legs. Try to keep one arm up in the air while you're doing this exercise. Perfect! Now switch over to the other side. Again don't forget that you can add more and more seconds over time as your exercise gets easier with your increasing level of fitness. Try to eventually work your way up to holding this one for a full minute!

# 4 Legs
Difficulty Level: 1
Side Kicks
- Stand with your feet a bit wider than shoulder-width apart.
- Now, kick your right leg out to the side
- Try to do it at your hip-level.
- Do the same thing with your left leg.
- Let's do 20 of these right leg-left leg kicks!
You'll really feel this exercise in your thighs and outer hips. You know what that means: bye bye saddle backs! Nobody's stopping you if you want to add a "hi-yah" or "Take that!" every now and then! Great job let's keep it moving.

Outward Leg Lifts.
- Start by getting on all fours.
- Lift your left leg out to the side, then return to the starting position.
- Repeat the same movement for your right leg.
- Do 20 side-kicks, alternating each leg.
This exercise will train and strengthen your hamstrings. That's definitely a good thing since strong hamstrings are key to protecting your knees from injury. On top of that, outward leg kicks tone your glutes and get rid of muffin top!

Difficulty Level: 2
Plank Jumps
- Get into a straight-arm plank with your palms and toes touching the floor.
- Jump and move your legs to your chest.
- Stay in this position for 3 seconds after each jump, then return to the starting position.
- Let's do 15 reps.
While doing this exercise, be careful with your back; you shouldn't feel any discomfort there.
This jumping plank mostly trains your hip flexors, glutes, and lower back. It also involves your quads, shoulders, lower abs, and core! Great job! Let's move on to your.

# 5 Back
Difficulty level: 1
- Lie down on your stomach with your arms and legs stretched out.
- Now, lift your limbs and chest off the ground.
- Hold this position for 30 seconds.
This exercise is perfect we're strengthening the abs and back muscles. It also tones the hips and definitely the butt! Three, two, one and done.

Difficulty level: 2
Back Bends
- Lie down on the floor with your knees bent.
- Position your hands on the sides of your heads so that your fingers point towards your toes.
- Pushing your hips up, straighten your arms, round your back, and squeeze your leg muscles and abs as well as your glutes.
- Hold this position for 15 seconds, then lower yourself back down.
Obviously, this exercise requires a lot of flexibility. With time, you'll get it down, and it'll tone your entire body!
Just remember to bend your back so that your buttocks are higher than your head and shoulders. And that'll do it for today.
Great job on finishing this challenging workout!
Do it two to three times a week for the best results. We only did one set of each exercise today. But remember that over time you can always increase the number of reps and sets. In each for even more body toning and fitness boosting results.

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