OK, so you went camping recently and you learned a new skill, which is?
I went camping with my family last weekend and they had archery. And I Hunger Games'ed it up.
Like it felt like an audition reel that was maybe five years too late.
Well, maybe they're going make another one. We're going make you prove how good you are. You can't say that and not do it. And then if you do well, if you hit a bull's eye, I'll give you $10,000 for a charity.

Don't say that.
$10,000 for a charity of your choice.
That is a lot of pressure. I wish you didn't tell me that. I wish you said something like. I need those. Like a donut or something, you know? OK.
Don't look as good as Jennifer Lawrence doing this though. I got to work on my attitude.
Yeah. Have a positive attitude.
Yeah, that's right.
Do that. Yeah, OK.
OK, let me try and throw it.
OK, I think I'm overthinking it. I should just be fast. I should just do it and not think about anything. OK.
All around that sucker.
We are not leaving until you get a bull's-eye.
Sorry, guys. OK, I feel it. I feel it, this is it.
That's pretty much a bull's eye.
OK, one more. One more, and then I'm done.
One more, one more. This is going to be it. I mean, favor I didn't miss one.
Ahhh. Sorry.
Should have stopped while you were ahead.
I know.
You were great.
All right. So whoever was back there, I hope you're OK.
So it's $10,000 and tell everybody about your.
No, really?
Yeah, Shutterfly cares about your charity. What is your charity?
The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project. We work since 2007 in South Africa to help prevent HIV and AIDS with the youth in  South Africa.
10,000 dollars.
Oh my.
Thank you.


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