The video Airinum mask was released on 3 December 2018.

Air pollution is the world's biggest indirect health risk, killing more than 7 million people every year according to WHO.
Large tornadoes.
I am really concerned about our planet. Global warming.

She stopped cutting trees. Stop poisoning. At birth we can't.
Communities play a powerful role in shifting how we contribute to air pollution at the individual level.
In Paris, they started to ban cars to cope with the air pollution problem.
And even where I live, in Oslo, they've stationed city benches with moss all around the city. To absorb pollution from the air. Wearing a mask has been my way of showing that we are all equal. I am like you - we are the same.
Since we started the Walker's journey three years ago. Our community has been growing stronger all around the world. And has become something I never would have imagined. It's time that we do something important together. It's up to us to make a change together together together. We can create a different world a better world.
By wearing a mask, we are showing that regardless of who we are, we can take part in standing up to accelerate change together.
Air pollution is the world's biggest health risk.
Let's make the world aware.
A campaign dedicated to raising awareness about air pollution, while at the tme provide means for immediate protection by a unique design of the Airinum Urban Air Mask.
Still comes out.

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