The music video BLACK BIMMER was released on 26 March 2019.

Blaaack Bimmer, feel my blood simmer
Blaaack Bimmer, front stars glimmer
Not a silver, got myself a winner
Blaaack Bimmer, Blaaack Bimmer

I been feeling so emotional now
Got my heartbeat racing through the streets of my town
Got that champagne popping and I’m going in wild
When I gotta hit the gas ain’t no time for a countdown
No judgement, I just do my own thing
Don’t need opinions riding in my own lane,
You better check me cuz I ain’t got no brakes
Better strap up cause we’re doing it in my way

Got a Black Bimmer ready for departing
Road’s shaking when I be starting
Revving up all the opps be startling
Four point four V8 bombarding
Got them lights they be flashing like stars
Come around know my thing is up to par
Hit the switch and we’re going in far
Sixth gear pedalling I’m taking you to Mars, ay

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