When I was a freshman in college I made a ton of money in what I can only describe as the weirdest of circumstances and this is that story.
Hello again before we dive in I should emphasize how weird this story is it doesn't make any sense. But it's completely true, I'm also gonna be vague about names locations specifics because you'll see here. We go so I was 19 a freshman in college aka broke so one day I'm just hanging out with some friends and someone mentions that there's I don't know. What else to call it but an event happening where students could make money. Oh cool!
What do we have to do tutor some kids hand out some flyers what are we talking. Here! No he says there's this bar you bring your ID with you show it to these people and they give you $20 just making sure I understand this I show people my license and I get $20 and that's it red flag.

Right from the start here what is happening why would I get money for just showing someone my ID. Of course looking back now it sounds incredibly sketchy.
But then let's do this why wouldn't we what's the worst that could happen we don't get $20 may as well check. This out so the day arrives when this event is happening and a group of us go to this bar write down your name and phone number and get in line. Someone says easy paperwork done we're waiting in line we reach the front there's two men behind the bar ID. The one guy asks 20 bucks here we come. I hand my license over I can smell the cash one sec he says and walks away with my ID. Whoa no no no!
Excuse me what is going on this was supposed to be a clean exchange. Oh GOD! I knew this was a bad idea is my identity stolen. I knew this was too good to be here he says and hands me back my license with a $20 bill hmm. Okay, as for everyone else they got $20 - so this thing that sounded completely impossible is in fact very real. I know what you're thinking COOL STORY. That's a ton of money this story sucks and to that I say chill because we're just getting started.
A few days go by and I get a voicemail there was something like congratulations you've been selected for the next round. Please, bring your ID to the same address. What the hell is going on only one other friend. Of mine got this voicemail they were narrowing people down was. I supposed to be excited or terrified. I weighed my options. My idea was probably being used to take out loans for drug mansions overseas $20. I'm now a part of the mafia and currently being watched by FBI.
$20 let's do this so the day comes again. I go to the bar fill out my name number again shorter line this time. Apparently these IDs were the best of the best. I get up to the bar and my ID / he walks away again. This is probably where my good luck runs out he'll come back and say I have to apply for some fake credit card or something it's. A shame because I was really starting tea hands me. My ID and $100 at this point. I am really struggling to not laugh. Not only did I get money I got five times the amount of money is this my job now.
Is this how I make a living folks step right up and take a look at what some might call the finest ID. In these here United States my friends are waiting outside the bar. They're just as confused as I. Am the money is really starting to pile up here. What if I told you this story is about to get 10 times weirder.
Maybe a week goes by I get another mysterious voicemail congratulations you've been selected as the final person. Please, meet us on Saturday morning at this intersection, blah blah blah blah. Best time it wasn't even an address it was just an area downtown. But in the morning well I had a decision to make do I continue showing up in strange places at the promise of money with no idea what's waiting for me or do I just quit. While I'm ahead as you're watching this. You're probably like Bridget come on there's no way you're dumb enough to see this. Through you probably came to your senses like a sane human. Let's do this I know I know it's bad. Okay! But I went I wanted to see what life had in store for me I didn't go alone though I brought a friend. We head to this corner downtown. We're standing there on the sidewalk what are we supposed to be looking for suddenly a van door just slides open yeah a van this is it. This is how I die. There's a group of at least five people in this van a man and a woman get out. Goodbye cruel world alright so here's what's gonna happen. The woman hands me an envelope there's seven thousand dollars cash. In here and here's a list I'm an assassin. I'm gonna sass it now and this is my hit list the games are an order of priority cease together no partial viewing. I glanced around as she's talking oh we're outside of the stadium. Wait wait wait! Am I buying tickets to a sporting it if you're thinking of leaving this video. Don't because this story gets crazier. The lady explains to me that I'm about to have the chance to buy tickets that the general public doesn't have access to yet. It was up to me to get as many of the games on this list as possible. Okay, okay! A little confusing with all of the requests that they had but this isn't nearly as scary. One more thing woman says under no circumstances do you tell anyone where you got this money or who we are wait. What oh why what little confidence booster at least my friend can come with me.
We start to walk towards the stadium no he stays here of course leaving my friend on the corner. All by myself here goes nothing there was a small group of rich looking businessmen gathered outside the stadium someone from inside the stadium pokes their head out of the door. We're ready for you follow me this way I'm assuming that includes me. We walk into the stadium down this hole and the guy pushes on what looks like a wall. It's a door that leads into this dimly lit conference room there is no one under 35 years old except for me. There are no women. In this room except for me everyone is in a suit. The same person who led us into the stadium explains how will be picking games and who gets what tickets. I stuck exactly to what the people in the van had told me. Eventually we were done.
The stadium person speaks up again I don't imagine this is the case but no one is paying with cash. Correct my stomach does a backflip all the businessmen are obviously shaking their heads now. I have to raise my hand I literally have an Ethel above $7,000. Yes. I have cash. I am paying with cash. Everyone was clearly aware of the small blonde girl from the start but now everyone's eyes are on me. It felt like I was in a movie. When someone goes she doesn't even go here but that didn't happen. Okay! You can swing around to the front of the stadium and pick your tickets.
Up there we all go out front everything seems normal. I walk to the ticket window slide my list of games through the slot the woman behind the glass looks me up and down she turns around and puts all of the tickets. I need into an envelope she slides it back through the slot towards me. I come we reach for them but her hand is still on the tickets. All sound is gone I feel like I'm gonna throw up with the deepest eye contact I've ever felt. She looks at me and asked who sent to you? I stare back at her. I say nothing with her other hand the woman turns around to pick up a phone. I don't know who she wants to call but I don't want to stick around to find out. I slam the cash on the counter. I grab the tickets and I run. I run as fast as I can thinking back. I didn't hear anything no yelling no sirens after all I did pay for the tickets not with my money. But I paid for them. The air stings my lungs as I make it back to the van. Out of sight of the stadium. My friend is still there unharmed nobody. Has any idea what I just went through. I practically throw the tickets into the van. They quick flip through the envelope checking the tickets. Against their list. The van people look at me they hand me an envelope this is for you. Oh, yeah. I'm getting paid for this with a heavy thud. The door slide shut and the van driver that would ultimately be the last time I aw or even heard from these people. My friend and I opened the envelope it had $500. In it to a college student I practically struck the lottery. Keep in mind that this was $500. For maybe an hour of my time did I think someone was gonna steal my kidneys. Kinda was this whole experience worth it not really.
Oh! And guess what that night we all went out to celebrate my accomplishments and guess. Who loses their wallet? Really great! All that had been. For nothing but in the end I did come away with a really.
Great story.


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