The movie Zero music video SONG ISSAQBAAZI was released on 3 December 2018.

O people of the world! You never respected me.
"Look, here comes the dwarf! Here he goes."
But today Babita Kumari kissed me on the lips.
I wanna sing!
- I wanna sing a song! - God forgive us!
I drank the nectar of love...
...and lost all sense of reason

I am the great lover...
...let no one come in my way
The look in her eyes...
...makes my head spin
Since she became mine...
...the world seems full of lovers
I swear
By God!
I swear, my heart has been taken over by love
I love her deeply
She loves me deeply
I can't live without her
She's incomplete without me
I'll make her turn away from you
You may be her yes-man, but she won't listen to you
She has so many admirers, would she care for you?
You're not tall enough to have big dreams
You've become too big for your boots
You're a crazy Indian, she's a foreign fairy
For me only love counts...
...that's why I'm an Indian lad, and she's a foreign lass
You've won my heart over with your words
Let's be friends, let's shake hands
Let's shake hands
When I like someone... is made.


Zero: ISSAQBAAZI Lyrics Full Song


Madua ke prem ka hum
Hain tanik bauraye se
Rabbo mashook yaar hum hain
Beech na koyi aaye rea

Ho uske naina neat daru
Se ghazab chad jaaye ree
Ho tab se hamri khair maddam se
Jag mein aashiq aaye rea

Kasam se, dharam se
Kasam se jiyara
Chakna choor hai

Issaqbaazi sae
Kasam se jiyara
Chakna choor hai

Ishqbaazi sae....
Kasam se jiyara
Chakna choor hai
Issaqbaazi sae....

Hum us-se prem ghazab karte
Woh humse prem ghazab karti

Woh hamra leya jaru ha
Woh hamra bina abhuri ha

Hum tose isko ko Tarpayanga
Na hum bhadkayenge

Tu chamcha ho ja uska chaahe
Maanegi na baat

Ho ek batte do aashiq
Tohri kaise hogi chhori rea

Apne kad se ooncha na tu
Sapnon ka charkha kaat

Karat hai kyun
Baatein umar se badi
Tu desi deewana
Woh English padhi

Main saida bada
Kyu ki Mirza tha tain
Tabhi to woh English
Hai desi hoon mein

Hai jiya le gayi hai
Re tohri yeh baat
Aa kar le tu yaari
Mila humse hath

Aa kar le tu yaari
Mila humse hath
Dhin-tak dhin
Tak dhin-tak dha

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