Netflix announced the second season of the series 13 Reasons Why. It will appear on US screens on May 18. It is the American mystery teen drama about a girl who committed suicide. But first, she recorded on tapes her reasons for that step. And her friend is trying to find out the whole truth. Will he be able to do it in the 2nd season?

It felt like this whole thing’s gonna be over. But it’s not.


– What are you gonna do about that?


– You don’t know what was happening in this photo. You don’t know what happened after.


– We’re all in this together now.


– Don’t you know about what goes on at this school?


– This is proof for who they all are.

– The truth doesn’t always make things right.


– It’s gonna keep happening.


It doesn’t stop.


– There is nothing left worth having. Except justice for our daughter.


– I can’t count on anyone else any more. I have to do this myself.

– You don’t!

– No one’s gonna get justice for her.

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