The music video OK OK OK was released on 3 June 2019.

[Lil Durk]
Put this shit on and I fuck it up, aye
I put you on, you can't fuck it up, aye
I’m on the run if I catch me a case
That bitch broke, I spit in her face
One pair of jeans cost me 2K
Go to? late cause I don't go on no dates
Bring me the pills and I land in the A
All of my diamonds gon jump out the face
Back to the street shit street shit, aye
Head shot, sneak diss sneak diss, aye
That .45 got a kick OK
Want Chanel? Suck dick OK
You in Chiraq but you be in the way
I catch niggas tryna ride my wave
Know a nigga left, but he wished he stayed
30K for a show, I hit that stage
Ok ok ok ok
Ok ok ok ok ok ok
Bitch I don't pay for no lashes, aye
Bitch gotta wait on her taxes, aye
X pills, we don’t like acid, aye
That's OK

Bitch wanna lay up, she get slayed
Amiri jeans hang out my waist
Walk on a bitch, lil she bitch aye
Snort a lil coke, lil bitch she brave
Glock wit a switch it touch yo face
Last bitch gave me head was lace
So she can't tell me she late
20 on a chain that shit look brazy

[Lil Durk]
Ok ok ok
Ok ok ok
Ok ok ok
Ok ok ok...
Ok ok ok

[King Von]
Give her Plan B I planned it, uhh
Pull up right now no panics, uhh
Opps say, King Von can't stand 'em, what
Body count so ugly, still handsome, uhh
Don't bop my chain we dancin, uhh
Won't talk my niggas we blastin, uhh
Walked in spend 20 in fashion, what
How the fuck I make it in rappin, uhh
Don't know you, boy you cappin, uhh
Them opps outside they lackin, what
Steve where you at I need traffic
50K stuffed in my mattress, uhh
Ever see a nigga do a backflip, uhh
Don't want to, duck from this MAC stick, uhh
Semi’s and glizzys, huh huh
.19 wit the 50s, what huh
Hellcat with the hemi’s, huh huh
Ain't go to sleep we at Denny’s, uhh
I got a problem, don't tip me, what
Won't stop till the Glock is empty, aye

[Lil Durk]
Ok ok ok
Ok ok ok
Ok ok ok
Ok ok ok...
Ok ok ok

[Lil Durk]
Ok ok ok
Ok ok ok
Ok ok ok
Ok ok ok...
Ok ok ok

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