The video Trailer MA was released on 13 February 2019.

Are you going to meet a boy?
No, okay.
Excuse me, can you buy some booze for my friends and I?
Not interested.

Oh, there's my girl.
This never happened, okay!
Thanks again for doing this maam.
You guys want to party like rock stars.
Follow me.
Let's go!
The bar is open?
Do you think?
We don't know this chick.
Made much but it's all you.
Cool basement.
You're free to do whatever you walk down here but.
Nobody go upstairs.
Welcome to Maude's.
What, loan ma?
How did she get our numbers.
You know what the body.
Those earrings are beautiful Maggie.
You got a sweet mama huh.
Who are you with?
Just some kids from school.
You have a boyfriend.
Many dogs.
There's something off about mom.
Seriously, she's honest.
And her basements pretty much the best drinking spot in town.
We can't go home.
Thanks for these earrings.
What happened last night?
I don't want to hang out at malls anymore.
I want you to meet someone.
Nice to meet you, Maggie!
We went to high school together.
Why is my son?
Ethan out just like your daddy's.
Spending time at your house.
That bitch is crazy.
Probably something wrong with me.
How does it feel.
To be on the outside.
This is the most fun I've had in a long time.

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