You have already seen smartwatches and fitness trackers but there's another class of high-tech and smart jewelry which can perform activity tracking, send notifications, and they are beautiful as well. Have a look at our favorites: Bellabeat Leaf, Neclumi, Ear-O-smart, Joule, Fin, Senstone, Smarty ring, Dipper Necklace, Totwoo, Blinq, and Nfc ring.

Bellabeat Leaf

This is leaf the health tracking
technology connects your body and mind
allowing you to reach your full
potential track your daily activity
sleep yes it's a health tracker but
unlike any you've ever imagined the leaf
track your body movement during the day
from doing yoga to riding a horse it
monitors activity rest total calories
burned active time steps taken distance
moved and your goals being active is
just half way to reaching your full
potential to overcome fears and stress
you need to learn how to calm your mind
and bring it into focus the leaf guides
you and teaches you how to train your
mind with personalized meditations the
leaf track your movement during the
night the duration of your sleep and the
quality of your sleep the app provides a
simple visual snapshot of your daily
activity sleep periods and meditation
with four tabs telling you everything
you need to know about your daily
progress you can compare activities and
learn what you need to improve in your
life the leaf is designed to create
healthy habits by giving you reminders
at the same time every day just wear it
that's all there are no buttons no
screens there's only your body and your mind
packed with highly sensitive movement
sensors and with a secure data backup
while you're sleeping while you're
meditating while you're being active
there is no need to charge it since the
battery lasts up to six months
isn't that amazing what you guys think.


Neclumi is an available projection using a
smartphone app in a discreetly tucked
pocket projector
Neclumi displays responsive patterns of
light over the wearer's neck there are
four modes a row is an outward cascaded
light lines reacting to walking speed as
detected by a pedometer
Oh disappears as a ribbon-like shape
looping through a pendant corresponding
to the rotation of the wearer's body
linked to a compass OB is a bouncing
fluid line which reacts to body movement
using an accelerometer the most
cinematic setting is only a tiny
microphone activated Sun that radiates
lines of pixels it reacts to ambient
sound but is most dramatic when a bursts
and raised as the wearer raises their voice.


Next is Ear-O-Smart it is the world's first
fashionable smart earring which helps in
monitoring your heart rate calories and
activity level Eros smart connects to
your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0
wireless technology and allows you to
monitor a wide range of Fitness data
such as heart rate calories and activity
level would you want to wear a bulky
wrist monitor to a party or on a date we
think not it is better if wearable
electronics are embedded into the
products we use in our everyday lives
for that reason it was created but one
of the major constraint while designing
Fitness monitor in an earring was the
size so the company limited the size of
our fitness monitor PCB to 16
millimeters in diameter with limited
space on a single PCB to mount
components since the device is so small
there will always be a challenge with battery life.


This is Joule it is the result of more than three years of
research and development the idea behind
Joule is brilliantly simple pack all the
technology of a fitness tracker into a
tiny stud Joule can be paired up with
pretty much any set of post styled
earrings the tiny wearable which is of
18 millimeters diameter houses
technology that keeps tabs on your
activity and calories burned throughout
the day Joule will even track your heart
rate using the same PPG technology by
emitting light from LED on to your ear
weighing only 1.5 grams the earring
backings are pretty much weightless for
comparison purposes heavy earrings start
from about 5 grams all the way up to 12
grams that probably makes Joule the
world's smallest and discrete bio sensor
using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
the smart earring backings sync with
your smartphone in addition to providing
you with detailed activity stats the
Android and iOS applications will dish
out heartrate information while you are
working out in terms of battery life
Joule will keep going for a full day to
recharge simply put the device back into
the jewelry case finally with this you
can say no to all the plastic wrist
bands and have the style you deserve.


It’s on your thumb as a ring and it will make
your whole palm as a gesture interface
then can uniquely recognize each
segments of the fingers and can convert
your palm into a numeric keypad fin is a
bluetooth enabled device that we can
connect the three different digital
gadgets like smartphones Smart TVs
automobiles and home automation devices
providing multiple device compatibility
then reads different gestures from your
palm and its corresponding values
control connected devices it chooses
smart low-energy technologies such as
Bluetooth for communication with
connected devices thumb is accessible to
anywhere in the palm and it's more
natural to so wearing a fin will make
your palm as a touch interface that
enables the people to interact with
smart phones dial numbers attending
calls SMS social media taking quick
notes etc then can control your Smart TV
to change the channels control sounds by
mere natural finger swipes especially
for visually challenged people since
they sense the world through touch it
can control the device with much ease
and accuracy then can control your car
from being your car's key to controlling
your phone while driving navigate your
maps receive calls and read messages
change music and other car utilities
just by fingers swipe without even
taking your hands off the steering wheel
thereby not distracting yourself from
driving for better entertainment
experience vent can serve as controllers
for gaming industry.


Next one in this list is Senstone it
can capture what's on your mind one in a
meeting or on the go just tap and speak
and sin stone will turn your ideas into
organized notes sin stone is a new way
to create notes five times faster and
much more convenient than any smartphone
app with Senstone you no longer have to
pull out your phone to take notes on the
go just capture the things in your daily
life that you don't want to miss it
automatically converts your voice melts
into text and organizes them for easy
access Senstone lets you record your
thoughts quickly and conveniently Senstone
is a no depent size of a bible cap
imagine walking in the busy street or
driving a car and taking those notes
reminders with the speed of thought tap
on the Senstone to start recording and
speak tap again and it stops all audio
and text notes are sensed into the cloud
seamlessly being able to take notes on
the go is critical be it your personal
goals your breakthrough ideas or your
travel journal this is why the world's
greatest writers inventors and
visionaries kept notebooks to document
their ideas and today we offer a much
more convenient and handy solution you
can also use Senstone at night but you
don't need to wear it it listens to you
when you sleep and is just a finger snap
away from recording the details of your
dreams while you still remember them
there's no need to press any button
thanks to their unique machine learning
system which helps us to record your
midnight thoughts and dreams with just a
snap of your fingers.

Smarty Ring

Meet Smarty Ring. Smarty Ring to control your smartphone.
forget tapping phone screen get instant
alerts right on your finger it saves you
time by having your updates in one
convenient location and that saves your
phone's battery life ever missed a text
or Facebook update because you didn't
notice your phone jingle with the Smarty Ring
those days are over remotely
control your phone and never miss a call
text alarm tweet you name it it frees
you from searching in your bag for your
phone or from reaching into your back
pocket just to find no new notifications
its Bluetooth 4.0 technology lets you
always get real-time updates not
everyone likes watches so a ring enabled
with the clock and more is a fashionable option
Smarty Ring is not only a clock but a
stopwatch and countdown timer
alert your phone when you lost in the crowd.


Now what about a tech necklace
this is different necklace how much
money do we waste on headphones that get
worn out and broken the Dipper is a
jewelry piece that keeps their buds and
cables safe and it's lovely metal
housing your ear buds will be going
strong for a long time the company has
created a jewelry piece with the full
functionality of headphones integrated
into it tech accessories like headphones
have become a modern-day essential but
for women are often stuffed at the
bottom of a purse get tangled lost and
become worn out over time this necklace
seamlessly blends style and function no
one will know that you're wearing
anything other than a necklace when it's
not in use tinsel delivers high-quality sound that
rivals after audio brands
no more untangling wires for days
digging for earrings in your black hole
of a bag looking like a wannabe DJ the
Dipper is easy to wear and simple to use.


Next one is Totwoo smart jewellery
pair up your tuck with jewelry and send
special code by simply tapping it
express your emotions Anytime Anywhere
have your favorite memories from photos
videos and recordings to your jewelry
done deal the memories on your phone by
tapping the jewelry until it flashes set
up your personalized flash and vibration
of jewelry to notify you the important
call when you switch on the shinning
mode the jewelry will continuously flash
so that you instantly become the focus
of the party it can automatically
calculate your daily walk and consumed
calories once your target is achieved it
will congratulate you if your fortune is
over four stars your jewelry will flash
and vibrate to remind your lucky day it
can determine your status and remind you
after prolonged sitting first think
about things that you need to make a
decision on then shake or knock on the
jewelry while staying on this page the
app will show you the result with other
pair jewelry wearers by tapping the
jewelry today Totwoo has been the smart
jewelry brand which owns the most
functions and designs in the world it is
unique beautiful romantic and meaningful.


Now this is Blinq wearables jewelry that
keeps you connected it comes with
notification alerts fit tracking in a
built-in panic SOS mode it gives you
control over which apps you receive
notifications from
setup is easy the ring connects to both
Android and ears through bluetooth and
our user-friendly app guides you through
your ideal notification customization
this removes the need to constantly
check your phone allowing you to be more
present in your day-to-day life
without missing important calls or
alerts they have paired unique gem glow
technology with luxurious designs to
create a beautiful ring with high
functionality users can receive
notifications through a special LED
backlight that illuminates the gemstone
to a custom color or set the ring to
vibrate or pulse if you're ever lost in
danger or injured you can immediately
notify your friends with a custom
tapping sequence tapping the jewelry
repeatedly this will send a distress
message including a link to your
location track your fitness with a built
in step counter that syncs your daily
activity logs with a blink app you can
get a full daily reading of your total
steps calories burned and total distance
accumulated without the need for a bulky
watch or bracelet they are fully
water-resistant charging your Blinq is
easy the ring box doubles as a charging
station so all you need to do is place
your ring on the magnetic charging stick.

Nfc Ring

Last one in the list is Nfc Ring. the Nfc Ring
can be used to make payments
access control unlock and control mobile
devices transfer information link people
and much more unlock your smartphone or
tablet take your Nfc Ring enabled phone out
of your pocket slide your hand on the
back and the Nfc Ring in and lock it
the Nfc Ring comes with two special Nfc
tag inlays inside the ring one for
public information and one for more
sensitive stuff want to be able to use
your ring to open your house no problem
just grab yourself an Nfc enabled door
lock install it in your Nfc Ring can
interact with it you can use your Nfc Ring
to share weekly information links
to websites links to pictures contact
information or whatever you think is
suitable to be passed securely to your
friends smartphones and tablets you can
also use your Nfc Ring to start apps
with custom settings which makes it even
easier to use your device how about
turning wee-fee or bluetooth on for
example at the swipe of a hand with this
ring one can achieve all this
functionality so what do you think about
all these amazing jewelry technologies
do tell us your favorites among all of them.

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