The OnePlus 6T was just announced. New icon for the new iPad pro has been found on iOS. And it pretty much confirms every rumor we've seen. And some new screenshots of the Samsung Experience 10 have just the mirage showing us some new changes.

Now let's talk about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 as well looking forward to having a look at this phone. It's gonna be launching in the UK at least on November 8th.
Now let's talk about Samsung as the company's new Experience 10 has just been leaked in photos. Most people complain about the company's user interface. And it seems that the company has been listening up to the point where we see some major changes. Number one it looks a lot like stock Android up to the point where it even adopts the pixel font which I actually do hope it stays because that pixel font. Is really cool that seems to be one of the things that's coming in addition to again just the user interface seems simpler more practical up. Let's just hope that it doesn't change from here to there.
Now let's move the spotlight over to iPad Pros. For those of you that are wondering what the design changes are going to be in the event that's happening on Tuesday. Well I mean we've got icons we've got new things that have just emerged on iOS 12. That just pretty much confirmed that there will be very little bezel no home button probably face ID. And we also heard rumors that during the event we will see a new Apple pencil new ear pods etc.
So stay tuned for the event I presume that it's gonna be really cool.
Finally the hottest news today have to do with the OnePlus 6T the device has been announced. We were part of the event at the pre-record this video. I had some time with the OnePlus 6T over the weekend. My experience has been rather positive. Obviously I know that it's polarizing to loose things like the headphone jack in addition to the fact that the Vice is a little bit thicker now. But it has to do because you get a much larger battery. Sure there is a minor price bump but that price bump if you consider gets compensated by the fact that you started 128 Gigs of storage.

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