The news video OnePlus 6T Renders, Galaxy S10 Plus with 5G & more was released on 19 September 2018.

We get some leaks of the new rumors of the OnePlus 6T. Yes, the fingerprint scanner is missing.
There is a heavy possibility that the Galaxy S10 is going to be 5G capable according to some data.
If you were waiting for new iPads at the Apple event don't lose your hope.
That's full of rumors and renders because official news are boring today.

The official news today begin with a teaser and it starts with Nokia. The company has surprised us with their smartphones lately with all the products that they've been launching. It seems that they're not done now the company is apparently working on a gaming phone. As they just sent the teaser and all it says is game on it it has the silhouette of a smartphone. So we're assuming expect the gaming phone from Nokia include some hardware to back that up. As you know just another phone to play while manipulating the glass display is kind of what other phones.
Can already do now let's talk about Huawei. The company's chairman just came on record to talk about foldable displays. There's a lot of technology coming in here but according to the company's chairman they're working on this. Because they want these foldable displace to completely eradicate computers where these replace computers. According to him 5G is going to be a major part of what to expect with this hardware 2019 are the possible dates.
Let's see how that's going to get the job done now for those of you waiting for iPads. I was the primary one waiting for an iPad pro replacement because mine is getting old and we've got some leaks from iOS 12. That show us that yes there is a fall 2018 iPad and the works not exactly sure. It's an iPad, iPad pro what exactly is that we're getting we hope we're getting both. But regardless of the case we hear so many changes in the design.
If you've noticed iOS 12 one of the things that I'm annoyed about is that now the now the Notification Center is on one side and the notifications are on the other. And no the control centers on the other and so it looks like an iPhone 10. Meaning we might be getting a notch here.
Now let's talk about the Samsung Galaxy S10 variants their source code being leaked on xda-developers. That shows things that are really important particularly the amount of variance like. We've known that the code for this phone is beyond in certain cases. Now we notice that there is one that says beyond 5G. Getting in galaxy S10 with 5G apparently we are the thing is give it a time line up the chips and everything. It's gonna happen at the same time as the Galaxy S10. It's probably gonna be a mini launch of a 5G variant.
Finally the hot news today. I have to do with the OnePlus 6T. The 6T is a bit larger and there is no fingerprint scanner.
I got the OnePlus X is probably one of my favorite phones this year. I am really looking forward to the OnePlus 6T.

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