The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 it's already being dubbed as the best smartphone of 2018 Instagram. Co-founders are both leaving the company which leaves us to wonder over its future. You having connectivity issues on the new iPhones apparently there is a simple fix.
We've got a crazy season of phones. We've got famous tipster Evan blast showing as what to expect for the LGB 40 apparently. This is an AT&T variant that doesn't have a carrier logo. I'm glad that LG is finally doing this and it's also great that there won't be a variation or at least I hope because we have the G7. Then be V35 for AT&T and I don't know what the case will be but definitely of three cameras at the back that's interesting.

Now let's continue with the batch of rumours of the pixel 3 and pixel 3 Excel. We have leaked images of the possible fast wireless charger it seems. It's a way to stand your phone up and charge it and this proves that there's wireless charging coming and also Google accessories. I wonder if it will be announced at the event I hope it's a lot faster than everything we have out there right now. Because currently wireless charging isn't that great. Now it's one of the spotlight or to my favorite social media application.
That might not be anymore as a both Instagram co-founders have just confirmed they're leaving the company. Meaning Facebook the owners of Instagram after 6 years and according to them they're leaving because it's time for the next chapter. One of the major reasons why Instagram has not become a gossip central like Facebook has become is mainly because the co-founders you know stuck to the roots and they continued making Instagram great.
Now I'm really concerned over the future. But we'll see now for those of you that are having issues with your iPhone XS and XS Max. When it comes to connectivity according to a certain walk. I mean you could reset your network settings and like forever on iPhones. Apparently that is the solution that is being reckoned by people that have figured it out. I haven't tried it on my phone because it's currently charging. Because the battery life is actually not that great. I presume that has a lot to do with the terrible Network performance just like in the case of the iPhone 7.
Finally the most interesting news today is that we've got publications already confirming which is the best smartphone of 2018. They're confirming it in late September where we have devices like the pixels. Yeah we have Consumer Reports chiming in saying the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Is the best it's got the best durability the best display the best editions with the S-pen etc. They're literally calling it the best phone of 2018.
We case I have to agree with Consumer Reports in that so far the Galaxy Note 9 is the best phone. I just don't know what's gonna happen when we get devices like the Mate 20 Pro and the OnePlus 60 etc.

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