How can modern kids apprehend the gadgets from 1980s? What do they think of them? Can they even recognize what kind of tech they are? Here is a video where a bunch of children is trying to guess, what the gadget is and how to use it. How do you think, do they like the devices?

Kids versus 80s Tech

Polaroid Spirit 600 Instant Film Camera


– Oh, this one's coming together really good.

– How do we put these on Instagram?


– Hello!

– Hello. Welcome to the 1980s. Allow me to show you some of the most advanced technology of the time.

– Sure.

– Can you identify this gadget?

– Three, two, one.

– What the…

– Colors 600 film. What’s that?

– Is this a camera?

– Oh, I think it’s one of those cameras!

– Affirmative. This is a Polaroid camera. Do you know how it works?

– I don't see anything.

– This is too much for it just to take a picture.

– Like, does it automatically start?

– There we go. Oh, this is blinding me!

– This is how they actually packaged in the 80s? Seriously?!

– But maybe we'll open this.

– I don't know how to. Back then, things were complicated.

– It's not working.

– I think you have to put it in water.

– I guess they put this all, pictures, in the water.

– Wait, you said to water?

– My arm’s getting tired.

– This one is working. Something's happening.

– I actually think it's, actually, better so you don't have to, like, go to CVS, take the chip from your computer, put it in, and do that process. You just take it and then it already comes out.


Audio-Technica Mister Disc aka Sound Burger

– Can you identify this gadget?

– It looks like a CD-player or a DJ Turntable.

– It looks like a clock radio player.

– I knew it!

– Affirmative. This is a record player. It was introduced as the Sound Burger by Audio Technica. Can you find the vinyl record?

– Is this the thing?

– I don’t think so.

– That’s so big for such a tiny thing!

– It’s too big.

– Okay, I think we should turn it on.

– I think you plug it in right there.

– The red one or the white one?

– I’d better try here.

– Oh, awful sound.

– It's cool.

– I would give this from one to ten: ten.

– I'd rather listen to music on the radio, coz, like, it's already chosen for you and you don't have to go through the whole process of putting the disc on.


Nintendo Entertainment System

– Our last gadget is a Nintendo Entertainment System. Do you know how to play?

– Oh, something’s wrong.

– Why is it flashing?

– Whoa. Why would anyone want to make this?

– It was pretty good back then.

– Oh, these are bad graphics.

– Oh my god. I can go through the other side.

– Newer graphics more look like movies. When these ones sort of look blocky.

– This is really bad game to play.

– In the newer games, you're able to go side to side, front and back.

– It's just so flat. I don't know how you're supposed to enjoy this. This is not 3d at all.

– This controller is different than modern ones because it's just a rectangle.

– And otherwise, just 2 buttons.

– How do you jump?

– “B”. Err, no, “A”.

– There's no “A”!

– Yeah.

– That's “R”.

– I just died.

– My turn.

– No.

– This gun does not work good at all.

– So, it kinda makes a noise, maybe it's a spring.

– I think it’s the spring vibrating.

– I can't believe this is how I have to punch.

– Kind of weird because…

– It’s not exciting at all. I have better things to do in my time, like play outside.

Game over

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