We got details on prices for iPhones new names. Major changes for existing Apple products welcome. Just showed off that it can reinvent wearables from a new approach to the architecture. We got confirmation that the OnePlus 6T is going for an on display fingerprint scanner. I'm high metal Yvette I live from San Francisco. After the Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 3100 was announced this is parking out daily powered by qualcomm the official news today begin with this the fact. That I was part of the Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 3100 nnouncement in San Francisco. There are some very interesting things being announced here by the way.

The processor is somewhere in there there's a new coprocessor inside that allows three things that are important. The first one is that OMS can now create their own sport profiles the fact that battery can go up to 30 days. Now if you only leave it in watch mode and the reason why you would care about that is because now the new watch mode. Which is the third thing pretty much can be activated all the time because again it doesn't depend on the coreprocessor. That allows for wear or us to run we'll definitely be giving it a try and letting you know how it goes.
Now let's talk about OnePlus the company has surprised everybody with the fact that we are getting an on display fingerprint scanner on the OnePlus 6T. And also it seems that we should set our calendars for October 17 because apparently this is when we're gonna get the new OnePlus 6T. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to the news we'll see what happens at the end.
Now let's talk about iPhones and political drama with Donald Trump as he recently tweeted that if Apple wants to stop complaining about tariffs in order to be able to build iPhones in China and import them to the United States. That the smartest thing to do is to actually build the iPhones in the United States. I think Trump doesn't really understand that that's not the only expense but then again yeah it seems that that's the only way for I don't know mobile products to get less expensive we'll see. About that I'm not saying that it's a it's a bad thing it's just anyways there's a little it's a lot more complicated.
Now let's talk about Samsung. As the company CEO recently teased a couple of things.
The first is that for those of you that are looking for a foldable display on your phone apparently this is gonna be teased very soon in the develop of conference and then we should see the first product at CES. Also that the company wants to focus on less expensive products getting great flagship features. So yeah at the time when phones are getting more expensive apparently Sammy wants to play ball everywhere.
Finally the hot news today I have to do with Apple Minh Chico teasing what to expect for iPhones. We've got some crazy price tags that started eight hundred bucks for the iPhone xc10. See that sounds crazy the ten as apparently is the other name for a thousand dollars or more. And then obviously the 10s Plus or whatever that thing is going to be called the more important is what else we're getting. Seems that Apple watches are going full ceramic and we're so close to the event. That makes sense that this could be probably happening in addition iPad PRO is now going full USBC and the 12 inch Macbook. That's going to be announced it apparently is going to be a pro.


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