Lot of people have a Windows 98 in their grandpa's houses

For years Youtubers and content creators have been gifted with technology to run their social media careers, but what about those stuck in 1998? What it would be like to run an internet career using Windows 98. Let the creativity fly!




*disappointed sigh*

Windows 98... I grew up here. I'm not that old,

I just happened to live in a family who used Windows 98 for a really long time.

I never used it for YouTube, but that's what we're gonna be doing today. We're gonna go back in time...

*To AnOtHeR wOrLd*

...and figure out what it would have been like to try to run a YouTube channel or content-

create content in general....

Using this wonderful workstation.

We're gonna post some stuff on Twitter, through Windows 98,

we're going to maybe make a video through windows 98. Maybe we'll do some art in windows 98.

You can do art, right?



Yeah, no it's fine. I just I just I'm trying to go to look it up, okay?



Today, I tend to think that I'm a pretty patient person. I think growing up with Windows 98 is what made me that way.

I can't even drag it. All right, y-you take your time with that okay? I'm gonna be... can you shrink?

Can you shrink? Die please thank you. Programs! there it is.


Im- *Gasp* Paint! We're here!

then, th-the most logical step to take when trying to make content with '98 is just to draw something.

I'm sure it can handle that, and I'm sure it would make for a great Twitter post.

Needless to say, a wonderful picture of my boi Son- *nope* Tails.


I sssuck at freehand with a mouse.

There we go. that could be a lot worse. I-I'm okay with that.

There it is, nice.

Alright, add his-his Cheek Floofs™(?)

That's what I call them. He's giving a big thumbs up.

Go-good job, Tails! and of course

And of course, we have to sign it because I'm kind offFFFF scared people will plagiarize my artwork. Pete Kineet! alright.

Uhh, ssssave as... what kind of images did we have back then? what in the world are these ".dib files?"

"T alisman" alright cool, our first piece of content for the day. Now we just got to figure out how to upload it.

Uhh, let's see if Explorer is gonna work now.


H E L L O ?

Oh my gosh, end it!

Dang, okay.

America Online

That's... is that a browser?

Yeah, uhh... I don't know what any of this, is but go for it. AOL, classic...

AT&T WorldNet Service... Is this a browser?

Look at these people! Oh, dude, I can save this pic. I can set it as wallpaper. Oh, that's dope!

Well you didn't... oh there they are!


This is...

This is fine, these are the people of AT&T.net

Hey! Internet Explorer is working at least! uh, how do I...

Twitter? oh wait, I forgot I gotta do the, uh...


Don't do this to me. Don't- Stop doing this. stop doing it! my goodness. Game?

Windows? What are these? Are they birds on a wire?

You gotta find my modem? I don't have a modem.

Okay, whoa, what is this? Whoa? This is high-tech, Look at these high-tech people! They're so high-tec-no, stop. Okay.

There's... Here's what I'm gonna do then. I'm gonna go into the real world...

*holy noises*

There we've crossed over, and I'm just gonna screenshot it. Now, this is maybe cheating a little bit...

I don't think 98 is gonna work with Twitter. Made this an MS paint today.

Going out skateboarding with the boys. and there it is. our first piece of content from windows 98 is complete. What does this do? cool?

I should've used that.

That's horrifying. while we're waiting for a wonder- a response from our 98 content on Twitter, Let's, uh...

Calculate. If we're using windows 98 and it took us...

, years to upload it, we should get 98 thousand likes. I didn't need a calculator for that.


Minesweeper! Life is complete. I actually know how to play this game. a lot of people think it's completely random, turns out it's not.

Alright, so you got a . That means that there is one mine touching this. It's either gonna be here, here...

I don't think it can be here. It's gonna be one of these two.

i guessed right!


okay, this is...

Aw, shucks!

Okay, so...

*Peter did a thing*

Let's do some solitaire. What in the world are these cards- wait, can you make custom cards?

No, they're just awful pictures from MS Paint. Already a great start.

Oof. OOF!

WOW, this is the best game I've ever had.

Ten so we can do this so we can do this consecutive moves consecutive moves

Crap we're out of moves all right, that's that's all right

I'm dying inside dude you should totally decal tails on to the skateboard do a lot helicopter spin tricks on dude. That'd be dope awesome

You're amazing person an artist have fun Thanks

Aww its ray.... REY

Look at that see it huh you see it

get get a little higher

Get in the camera so people can see you

All right get down, you're killing me

Good child. All right

Next piece of content I was thinking I was looking at this background and I was thinking they actually looked really good in windows 98

It's kind of flattering so I think we should try

posting a selfie what type of image is this so it is a

PNG and in order to open it it has to be flippin. I don't know

Dib kind of file is this

Bitmap image, okay, we have to make a bitmap image of whatever we want to put here

First things first I take a selfie with Ray razor

razor hey, buddy hey

Hey, buddy. I got my selfie. All right. This is the new Microsoft Paint and it's

not nearly as good, but we're gonna have to save as

Other formats, okay, what do we got?


All they thought of Windows paint yes, okay, cool to dip Impe quality might be reduced hi

Darn tootin it will okay cool there. It is boys. Let's try it. Well. You know

That could have been better

Save as Peter and Ray colorized

Selfie I took back in 1998 with Rey colorized of course next content

We can what can we do WordPad?

We can write stuff obviously today is a day in 8

not , but not for me, I'm writing a poem for me. It's the 9

I'm in 1998 and so far. It's great. I can play solitaire

Solitaire and few games I can play, but that's still

Okay, it's lonely in here

But I have no fear cause my cardboard friend

Has come to uh drink beer that's not how you spell beer beer awesome. Can we open it?

No kidding dude, that's awesome

All right, I can send the link to people

Which is cool? All right? Uh besides that what else can we do while we're waiting. There's a phone dialer does this actually work

uhh Does it work

phone dialer was unable to find telephone device or modem OK

Well probably cause it's 8 *INHALEEE*

My gosh, I forgot about old screensavers

OH I actually used to do this where I would make a

That's why I didn't want to do that, but yeah, I would make a screen saver
And then I would actually sit here and wait for it to play because I was so

entertained by that

I'm stretching and it feels good. Now. This is just gonna be me waiting for a minute

We're we're just waiting now

*peter yawns*

oh, there's a preview button you dork, okay?

*music* Wooooooooooooooaaaaaahhhhhhh


Whoa d maze yes, Oh my gosh

Oh This was the coolest look at this. I don't know why it changed resolution but oh


Why wasn't this a game that you could play *snickers*

Ima Pretty boy, okay, there's got to be one other type of content. We can make

Somehow, I really don't know

OH, It's illegal

Goin to prison guys web TV for windows. That'd be cool


What are you doing?



Wow ooh, I want news alert oh

Wow, look at that. You can't even do what you wanted me to do thinks. It's . It's not it's . Okay

There's one other thing I can do in windows 98 it is

My go-to oh shoot wait

oh My gosh Google works

Oh my gosh. Okay. That is sick wait. Can I go onto Twitter?

Yeah, that's fine

Oh my gosh



Can't cool guarantee. You can go to Wikipedia. It should be the easiest thing. Oh my gosh

Where can you go a site that?

Windows 98

Internet Explorer

Can run okay CNN from 1998?

This had better work

Praise be we're at cnn.com I can at least

Download Im *heh*

Download images no way I can veiw images. This is my connection with the world. It's me

It's cardboard silver stop, stop okay jusuh

Set as wallpaper, that's amazing. I have come so far today. This is my crowning accomplishment. Do you know how?

How difficult it is to?

Get an image to work alright guys. Well. I probably killed my twitter, but hey. We made some pretty good content

It just goes to show if YouTube were to have been around in 998

I still would have been able to do it even though I didn't upload anything to YouTube I

uploaded things to my twitter which is

Not the same at all

but hey in the end I mean to be fair this entire video was in mostly in windows 98 so I

Kinda made

Content for my youtube channel using windows 98

Take it or leave it. I don't care either way

I'm proud of myself that being said windows 98 is not my favorite windows although I grew up with it

I actually grew up with Windows XP even more and that that had movie maker

I can actually make stuff in that we should I think I think we should do that next. Ray come here, buddy?

cmere buddy

Can we get a good you know? lemme

I Love you, too


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